Corporate Wars - Slicks

A large multi region street gang they are more a culture than a simple gang, similar in philosophy to the 20th century mod movement of the 1960s the slicker can be recognised on the street by their hover scooter and near full length coat. These are nearly as iconic as the bald head and tattoos they sport the slicker as the coat is commonly referred to can be various colours black and white being the most popular leading to another common nickname of toner. Far from being a mere youth movement the upper echelons are involved in all levels of crime.

The Slicks pictured above were painted by Marko Oja. Used with permission and thanks.

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  • JBS1


    Slick leader with handgun raised
  • JBS2


    Slick with assault rifle, ready
  • JBS3


    Slick with assault rifle, advancing
  • JBS4


    Slick with two handguns, standing
  • JBS5


    Slick firing handgun
  • JBS6


    Slick firing assault rifle
  • JBS7


    Slick firing handgun left-handed