Saxon-Viking-Norman Infantry

Note that many of these figures could be used in any of the named armies and will be equally suitable for many other armies of the period 500-1100 AD. Other useful figures and parts may found in the Medieval range.
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  • L-S1

    Saxon Fyrdman (no S or W)
  • L-S2

    Saxon Huscarl (no S or W)
  • L-S3

    Norman Light Archer
  • L-S4

    Norman Heavy Archer
  • L-S5

    Norman Foot Knight (no S or W)
  • L-S6

    Light Footman (no S or W)
  • L-S7

    Heavy Footman (no S or W)
  • L-S8

    Norman Heavy Crossbowman (no H)
  • L-V1

    Viking with Axe and Shield
  • L-V2

    Viking with Sword and Shield
  • L-V3


    Viking Berserk with Sword and Dagger
  • L-V4


    Viking Chieftain with Sword and Shield
  • L-V5

    Viking in Animal Skin with Spear (no W)
  • L-V6

    Viking Ulfhednar (no S or W)