Laser Cut Movement Tray Kits

A movement tray kit consists of two pieces of 2mm MDF with square or rounded corners, with circles, squares or hexagons removed for the placement of singly mounted miniatures. The number of kits per pack varies according to the size of the bases. The two pieces will need gluing together - we recommend PVA woodworking glue. Kits include the circles, squares or hexagons needed to base the figures. 

Simple movement trays are the same but lack the second, solid, underneath piece.
Pricing is by the pack. Each pack includes the top piece with the cut-out, the solid base to glue under the top piece and the bases to fit within the cut-out.
Pack size is based on the size of the top and bottom pieces (effectively the same number of pieces as a standard pack) plus the sum of the bases to fit within the cut-out.

Movement trays can be produced according to your requirements. If what you need isn't listed, email me. There are too many possible designs to list them all. If I can draw it I can cut it!
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