Laser Cut Bases - Metric Sizes

Laser Cut MDF Bases - Metric Sizes

Bases are laser cut from 2mm thick MDF and most come in packs at £1.30 per pack.

Number of bases per pack varies according to the size of a rectangle a base will fit into. See below.

Other sizes can be produced to order, minimum dimension 10mm, maximum dimension 300mm.

Movements trays can be made to order. There are too many possible variants to list them all here.

If I can draw it I can cut it!
Email your requirements.

Available Shapes:

  • Rectangle or Square
  • Oval or Circle
  • Pill - 4 sided with 2 rounded ends
  • Tablet - 4 sided with 5mm fillets at each corner
  • Irregular - will fit within a rectangle or square of the given size
  • Hexagon - regular, measured from edge to edge
  • Octagon - regular, measured from edge to edge
  • Triangle - equilateral
Size Nominal Area Example Bases per Pack
Small up to 1000mm2 50x20mm 16
Medium 1001mm2 - 2000mm2 50x40mm 12
Large 2001mm2 - 4000mm2 80x50mm 8
Extra Large 4001mm2 - 8000mm2 100x80mm 6
XXL 8001mm2 - 16000mm2 160x100mm 4
XXXL 16001mm2 - 32000mm2 200x160mm 2
XXXXL 32001mm2 or larger 320x200mm 1
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