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Lamming Miniatures

True 25mm scale metal miniatures, measuring 25mm from soles of feet to the eyes, the Lamming ranges were one of the first in that scale and offered multi-part figures long before any other company.

Also here are the Lamming 20mm (1/76th scale) WW2 ranges. Many of these also come with separate weapons for maximum flexibility.

At ERM we are proud to be able to bring these classic, old-school wargaming miniatures back into production. Many miniatures here have been remastered and remoulded to ensure top quality.

Unless otherwise stated, horses and cavalrymen are sold separately and both cavalrymen and infantrymen may have separate heads, weapons and belt-mounted side-arms. Those pieces which are available separately for each miniature may be selected from the drop-down boxes or links. If a desired option is not available, contact me and it can added.

Heads and weapons are also available individually.

It is recommended to use superglue or epoxy adhesive for assembly. Model making skills will prove very useful!

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