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Frog Folk

15mm Frog Folk
The Frog Folk were designed by Paul Jones, concept by Stefan Wolf. Samples converted, painted and photographed by Richard Smith - image used with permission and thanks.
6 unpainted miniatures per pack unless otherwise marked. 

FT65 FT65
Frogfolk Command
FT66 FT66
Frogfolk Archers (6)
FT67 FT67
Frogfolk with Blowpipes (6)
FT68 FT68
Frogfolk with Spears (6)
FT69 FT69
Frogfolk with Swords (6)
FT70 FT70
Frogfolk Ambushers
FT71 FT71
Frogfolk Giant Newt Riders, mixed weapons (2)
FT72 FT72
Giant Newts (3)