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New Homes for Old Miniature Ranges:

Jim Bowen's Alternative WW2 range (Nazi Zombies) is now in the hands of Crooked Dice Game Design Studio.


As some customers will know, I have been suffering increasing health issues related to my diabetes, psoriatic arthritis and age . With the passing away of my wife in April it has only got worse (stress related, but it shows no sign of easing) to the point where I can no longer manage basic casting operations and maintenance, let alone mould making, due to the state of my hands, knees and hips. With my 65th birthday only weeks away I have reluctantly concluded that full retirement is now my own way forwards

The various parts of the business, figure ranges and equipment will shortly be up for sale. Interested parties are invited to contact me. Full details to follow.

Note that although the shopping cart is still active, the checkout is disabled. This is so that potential buyers can see what the various ranges consist of.

I do apologise for the inconvenience this will cause customers but I can see no other way around this problem.

It just remains to thank all my customers of the last 22 years. I couldn't have done any of it without you.

In time I will be restarting the second-hand section of the site and clear out some more of my own collection of books and miniatures. Watch this space.

- Tony