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15mm Dwarves

Designed by Paul Jones
8 miniatures per pack

The pictures with the green background in this section are by 'Stunties' and are used with permission and thanks. Check out for all things dwarf!

FT49 FT49
Dwarven Command, including spears
FT50 FT50
Dwarves with Spears
FT51 FT51
Dwarves with Axes and Warhammers
FT52 FT52
Dwarves Archers, loading
FT53 FT53
Dwarven Command, including axes and warhammers
FT56 FT56
Dwarven Archers shooting
FT57 FT57
Dwarven Arquebusiers shooting
FT58 FT58
Dwarven Arquebusiers loading
FT59 FT59
Dwarven Crossbowmen
FT60 FT60
Dwarven King, Cleric and Heroes
FT61 FT61
Dwarven Militia with spears and shields
FT62 FT62
Dwarven Militia with axes and warhammers
FT63 FT63
Dwarven Militia with swords and clubs