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15mm 19th Century Colonials
Designed by Paul Jones
8 foot or 4 mounted figures per pack

Sample miniatures painted by OB and used with permission and thanks.

CL34 CL34
Coastal Arab swordsmen
CL35 CL35
Coastal Arab swordsmen attacking
CL36 CL36
Coastal Arab spearmen
CL37 CL37
Coastal Arab swordsmen (different to CL34)
CL38 CL38
Coastal Arabs with jezzails/muskets
CL39 CL39
Coastal Arabs with crossbows
CL40 CL40
Coastal Arab foot command
CL41 CL41
Dead Coastal Arabs
CL42 CL42
Baluchi foot command
CL43 CL43
Baluchi swordsmen
CL101 CL101
British Infantry Command 1820-40
CL102 CL102
British Infantry Advancing 1820-40
CL103 CL103
British Infantry Firing Line 1820-40
CL104 CL104
British Infantry Casualties 1820-40