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105x30 Irregular Movement Tray Kits - 4 Holes

105x30mm Movement Tray Kits, 4 x 20.5mm Holes, irregular base, random holes. (4)

105x30mm irregular movement tray kits

Each kit has a solid base piece and a top piece of the same shape with 4 x 20.5mm holes (will take 1p pieces), positioned randomly on an irregular base which will fit within an 105x30mm rectangle

4 kits per pack

Includes 16 x 20.5mm circular bases

Suitable for 20mm and 25mm miniatures

Miniatures based on UK 1p pieces will fit in the 20.5mm holes

Assembly required - we recommend using workworking PVA adhesive to glue the top piece (with the holes) to the base

All pieces are laser cut from 2mm thick MDF

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Condition New
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