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Short Term Closure

My wife, Penny, passed away just after 10pm today, 17/4/21. The shop will be closed for between one and two weeks, depending on how long everything takes.

An update on my health:

As some customers know, I have been suffering increasing health issues related to my diabetes, psoriatic arthritis and age (I'll be 65 in the summer). It's got to the point where I am struggling to manage basic operation and maintenance of the laser cutter, due to the state of my hands, knees and hips. It's a combination of pain levels and the increasing tendency of my fingers to lock up.

Casting is also an issue though as most of the ranges I offer are very much old school in style and appeal (Platoon 20 and Lamming) the demand is moderate and the work is much less time consuming and therefore less problematic in terms of the continuing deterioration of my knee, hip and finger joints. The need to take heavy duty painkillers on a daily basis and never getting more than 2 or 3 hours of continuous sleep without pain getting in the way doesn't help either.

As a result of all this the job is taking all of my energy (what's left of it) and I find myself making more and more mistakes. The cutter is about 10 years old now and long past its best, needing ever more maintenance. Various major parts will need replacing soon so now it's decision time. Something has to give and I'm afraid it's going to have to be the MDF cutting. With immediate effect I am closing the MDF side of the business.

I do apologise for the inconvenience this will cause customers but I can see no other way around this problem.

It just remains to thank all my customers for buying MDF bases from me over the last 22 years. I hope I can continue to supply metal castings for some years to come.

With this change I hope I can now find the time to remould and re-release more of the Platoon 20 and Lamming miniatures ranges. I will also be restarting the second-hand section of the site and clear out some more of my own collection of books and miniatures. Watch this space.

- Tony


Customers in the European Union:

At the moment it is still far from clear whether I can continue supply my many EU resident customers as before, thanks to the foolishness and incompetence of the UK government. If EU customers place an order please be aware that you may incur extra customs and VAT charges, I hope to be able to clarify the situation in time, though it may take some time as even the UK government's own web site appears to be inconsistent and contradictory. Finding accurate and current information is impossible,


Note that postal prices have increased dramatically of late and to all destinations. Please direct your anger to the appropriate government, not me!


Orders are posted once per week, on a Friday afternoon.