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Figure Ranges for Sale and Links to New Homes

Here is a start to the sell off. More information to be added

ERM10 - 10mm Ranges - Sold to East Front Miniatures

Early Imperial Romans (small unreleased range - greens available) 11 foot, 1 mounted, 1 ballista

ERM15 - 15mm Ranges (Offers invited)

16th Century Western Europe 38 packs

Animals 7 packs

Classical Indians (former Tabletop Games Range) 13 packs

Colonials (includes many unreleased figures) 14 packs (plus the unreleased ones)

El Cid & Early Crusades  (includes many unreleased figures) 4 packs (plus the unreleased ones)

Fantasy (large range) - some suitable for 25/28mm. 78 packs

Parthians & Romans (small range) 2 packs

Renaissance Eastern Europe 13 packs

WW2 Far East (British, Indian Army, Australians, Japanese Paras, Dutch KNIL) 56 packs

Ship’s Fittings 28 packs

ERM25 (Offers invited)

Alternate WW2 - Sold to Crooked Dice Game Design Studio.

Corporate Wars - 28mm. 28 figures with moulds and masters - Sold to Crooked Dice Game Design Studio.

Jim Bowen's Orcs - 28mm. 13 figures - Sold to Crooked Dice Game Design Studio.

Gang Wars - 28mm. 22 figures with masters. Needs remoulding.

Mythic Worlds Fantasy & Sci-Fi (includes many unreleased figures)

Dwarfs - 23 single figure codes

Orcs & Goblins - 41 single figure codes

Elves - 3 single figure codes

Beastmen - 4 single figure codes

Undead - 4 single figure codes

Fabulous Furry Forest Folk (from a universe a long way away) - unreleased. Greens available. 60 pieces. Photos on request.

Dastardly Diminutive Desert Dwellers (from a universe a long way away) - unreleased. Greens available. 20 pieces. Also suitable as larger types for 20mm. Photo on request.


Cobroids - 25/28mm. 2 single figure codes

Insectoids - 1 single figure code

Alien Mother, 25/28mm. 5 different Aliens, 3 different face huggers, 3 different armed face huggers

Marines - 25/28mm. 4 single codes plus others not in production.

Napoleonics  (includes unreleased figures)

Spanish Guerillas - 28mm. 12 figures with masters. Needs remoulding.

Platoon 20 (One Lot - offers invited)

All 20mm (1/76th) scale

WW1  (includes unreleased figures)

British, German, French, Belgian, Austrian, Russian

WW2 (Huge range)

British, German, Russian, US, Italian, Japanese

Vietnam Wars (Huge range covering 1945-1975)

Viet-Minh, French, Viet-Cong, North Vietnamese Army, ARVN, Australians, US Forces, Khmer Rouge and Civilians


Argentineans, British, Armed Civilians/Terrorists/Freedom Fighters/Rioters (unreleased), East German, Arab, Israeli, Africans, Mercenaries

Modern Wars

Afghans, US, British, Iraqi, French, Russian/CIS, Bosnians/Serbs/Croats

Future Wars

Sci-Fi (many not currently in production) plus one unreleased range

Cast White Metal Bases

1046 single infantry codes and 41 heavy weapons codes plus 21 codes for heavier weapons and vehicles. The SF range consisted of 42 codes, about half of which I have patterns or moulds for. Not counting the latter, that's 1108 separate codes. 5 sizes of cast metal bases.

Includes a box full of old info and photos from when P20 was based in N. Ireland which are obviously included, along with all the masters/patterns I have, all the production moulds and all the exclusively P20 master moulds. I recall there are a few mixed moulds which will need to be assessed and discussed.

The old mould maps are also there, and also the newer, electronic version which I put together (Google Sheets workbook) and a printout of that. It's worth bearing in mind that most of the old masters/patterns were cast in that nasty brittle metal that P20 used to use many years ago. This does necessitate care when mould making of course.

Lamming Miniatures - Sale Agreed (link to follow)




Dark Ages





20mm WW2 (not currently in production)

1/3000th scale ships

441 figure codes

267 parts - heads, weapons, shields etc

7 1/3000th ships

20mm WW2 uncounted as yet

All moulds are all 9" natural rubber moulds for spin-casting in pewter.

Note that various ranges which were produced by arrangement with others are not part of the sale. This includes Grumpy’s Miniatures, Bloodaxe Miniatures, Evil Gong and Golgo Island/Neutron York.

Golgo Island Legends (GGL1-8) and Neutron York Legends (NYL1-4) - Sold to Crooked Dice Game Design Studio.


Laser cutter - old, battered and well used. 900x600mm bed. Needs a major service. Make me an offer!


As some customers will know, I have been suffering increasing health issues related to my diabetes, psoriatic arthritis and age . With the passing away of my wife in April it has only got worse (stress related, but it shows no sign of easing) to the point where I can no longer manage basic casting operations and maintenance, let alone mould making, due to the state of my hands, knees and hips. With my 65th birthday only a week away I have reluctantly concluded that full retirement is now my own way forwards

The various parts of the business, figure ranges and equipment are now up for sale. Interested parties are invited to contact me.

Note that although the shopping cart is still active, the checkout is disabled. This is so that potential buyers can see what the various ranges consist of.

I do apologise for the inconvenience this will cause customers but I can see no other way around this problem.

It just remains to thank all my customers of the last 22 years. I couldn't have done any of it without you.

In time I will be restarting the second-hand section of the site and clear out some more of my own collection of books and miniatures. Watch this space.

- Tony