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New Update: Some of you will remember my wife, Penny, who used to help me at wargames shows in the UK many years ago. Some of you will know that she has been resident in a care home for over six years now, suffering from a type of spinocerebellar ataxia. Sadly her health is now in serious and rapid decline and  she isn't expected to last much longer. Inevitably there may be some disruption to order processing in the next few weeks. Please bear with me during this difficult time.


My usual, local MDF wholesaler is now open again and I have fresh stocks of MDF so the shop is now open for the sale of laser cut bases and shapes.

I still lack casting metal but that should change soon. If you order castings please be aware that there will be a delay before I can process such orders.

Please note that as I am in the high-risk group my daughter will be taking parcels to the post office only once per week, on a Thursday or Friday.