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East Riding Miniatures is a UK company based in the East Riding of Yorkshire dedicated to producing and selling quality wargames figures and related items.

In addition to our own ranges we produce ranges from other countries under license in the UK for the UK and European market. We also carry flag sheets from Outland Games and we have our large range of laser-cut bases for wargames figures.

The following ranges are produced by ERM:

  • ERM 15 - 15mm ranges.

  • Platoon 20 - 20mm 20th century (and later) ranges.

  • ERM 25 - 25mm and 28mm ranges, including those ranges designed by Jim Bowen and Sylvain Boudeele (Golgo Island).

  • Grumpy's Miniatures 15mm and 6mm ranges from Australia. Australian gamers should go to Eureka Miniatures for their Grumpy's.

  • Von Fahnestock flag sheets, from Outland Games of Ohio, USA. (While stocks last).

Please note that for environmental reasons we re-use packaging materials as much as possible.

Most figure codes include variants. These are (usually) marked with {v}.

All castings contain lead and could be harmful if swallowed. They are not suitable for children under 14.

We no longer offer society discounts of any sort.

East Riding Miniatures is solely owned by Tony Barr.


East Riding Miniatures
1 The Woodlands,
Goddard Avenue,
HU5 2BW,
Tel: ++44 (0)1482 445775